Back in Peterborough now!

And it hardly seems as if we have been away for almost 10 weeks! The trees are still green, the sun is shining and we are catching up with old friends and looking forward to meeting new ones! Settling into the new house, moving furniture around, buying a few bits and pieces, back to the Farmers Market this morning to fill up the fridge and pantry. It was the outside Big Farmers Market, bulging with beautiful produce, especially excited to eat the strawberries from Niagara and peaches too!  All the beautiful organic veggies! happy days!

a pot luck tomorrow and meeting whoever gathers at the zoo on Monday before Arrowsmith starts again on Monday! Simon had so much positive feedback from friends and family and is keen to start the programme again and see what this year brings! Sharing the house with a fellow student and sending me back to Sydney as soon as possible is a very different start this year compared to last, as well as going into the classroom being a returning student confident about the exercises rather than bring a newbie is much less challenging! Exciting times ahead!

4 thoughts on “Back in Peterborough now!

  1. Hi Fi and Simon,

    I’ve been trying to get hold of you re the wedding in Malta. We have reserved a room for Emma at the Excelsior but when J and H recently went there to check things they were told that Emma could share a room with you if she and you would be interested in that. It will obviously cut the costs quite considerably for you. Let me know what you think.

    Also J and H would love it if Emma and Richard and Vicky could come to the evening part of the wedding – drinking and dancing I think – so let me know on that score too if you would.

    Lots of love and kisses to you both and do wish Simon all the very best for his second year at Arrowsmith Just love reading your blogs.

    Love Jane xxxx

    • Hi Jane, since Michael and I don’t see each other that often I think we would prefer our own room! I am sure that Emma would love to come to the evening part of the wedding, I will check with vicky and Richard as they have friends in Malta they were planning to see that evening.
      Thank you so much for your good wishes for Simon and his second year! Very exciting!
      So looking forward to catching up v soon!
      Love to you all,
      Fi x

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