The first day!

I can’t tell you whether Simon had a good day or not as he is out at the movies with his friend Kyle! A great start to the new year as being at Arrowsmith is also about improving your social skills as well as your academic ability and I think a movie on the first night of the first day is a good step in that direction! image

I enjoyed a lovely first Parent walk this morning, we missed you Frances, Elizabeth and Leah!  We had the best of the day as it has rained ever since! We went up Amour Hill, looked over the school, wishing all the students well and then went in a great circle along the canal, back to where we started! Then the usual devotees went to sam’s for our usual post walk chat. Lynette had given Sam some thong (flip flop) salt and pepper shakers and a koala shaker too, I managed to find some very colourful salt and pepper shakers decorated with aboriginal style paintings to add to her collection.  When we went to pay we had a “Peterborough moment”! This Tuesday morning was on her!  Such a lovely moment!

Above is the first quote of the year from Mr Coppins! Though perhaps he should be advising not to play Ultimate Frisbee, as he is in a wheelchair with a badly broken leg! Much sympathy to him as he only broke it a week ago!


6 thoughts on “The first day!

  1. Nice to see you’re back with the daily posts!! Good to hear it was a good start all round. Pass on my best wishes to Mr Coppins – not a great start for him but I’m sure he’s being very philosophical!!

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