Another good day!

Yesterday was a good day for Simon, meeting the new students and revising the techniques for some of the cognitive exercises. Mr Coppins says that technique is everything, the better the technique the quicker the improvement!

Today was obviously a good day too, with more instruction on technique as well as the new students coming out of themselves and, no disrespect to last years students (as young people say!) it seems that these students are more sociable (yeah!). Time will tell but it would be really good if they are!

Whilst Simon was working in his brain, I was working on my body! My lovely friend Michelle picked me up and whisked me off to the gym to a body pump class. Oh my! It was hard work but hopefully everything will tighten up so I can frolick on the beach in Italy next week without too much wobbling! Actually, I don’t think I will be frolicking and unfortunately I don’t think one body pump class will be enough but it is a start and it was good to go together! At the end of the class, an older gentleman asked me if I had ever done this class before, and yes, I had! Only a few times, but I think that says it all!

We have just got back from a lovely dinner with Jennifer and Larry, sitting in their beautiful garden, eating home grown tomatoes in a delicious salad and roasted potatoes, also grown in their veggie patch, and salmon. Divine! Such a treat! It was so good to see them again. Time is an amazing thing, it was just as if we saw them last week, and in Sydney it was the same when seeing friends again, despite the much greater time that had passed. It is as if the time you were away contracts! ¬†Einstein was right, time is relative, but I don’t think he meant it in the way I feel it is relative!image

Our friendship with them began through their coming to Arrowsmith to demonstrate neurofeedback, more about that another time!


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