A riddle

A beautiful misty morning this morning, followed by a hot, hot day! Some of the trees are already turning and dropping their leaves which means, apparently, that it will be another, to use a very Canadian word, brutal winter. I really hope not, for Simon and Amanda’s sake!

My day was a talk-fest, morning tea with my one non-Arrowsmith friend catching up on her interesting summer, full of cycling around New York State, small friendly towns and villages, good food and big mountains, visiting friends and family, and kayaking throughout the environs of Peteborough. All the while enjoying a delicious chocolate coconut smoothie at the Food Forest.

Onto the Planet and lunch with another friend, different topics, her new life as her son heads to university, so exciting as there was a point before he attended the Arrowsmith programme where there seemed little possibility of university. Three years of Arrwosmith, a great deal of hard work, completing High School at an adult education college and his dream is coming true. He is a great example of the possibilities opening up to Arrowsmith students which would never have been open to them previously. It gives the current students great hope and helps them persevere through the cognitive exercises.

Simon arrived back a bit flat at the end of the day, the first full day of work. It was such a glorious afternoon we headed out to the library, renewinimageg our cards for another year, then onto the Silver Bean Cafe, our favourite spot for an ice cream, the irresistible Kawartha Dairy! Walking and ice cream lifted Simon’s mood. As we walked along by the river, he challenged me with a riddle: “A man is on the top of a mountain, in a cabin, strapped to a chair. How did he get there? ” .

I will tell you the answer tomorrow! Please let us know if you can work it out!


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