Peterborough weekend

No Friday night this weekend, Jonathan, very excitingly, has moved to Ottawa to go to university. I think I may have mentioned that before! So, what to do with ourselves on a Friday night now? Simon and I decided to go out to dinner at the Ashburnham Ale House, good choice although Simon discovered that side ribs are not the same as a rack of ribs! Oh imagewell, they tasted good – he, the would be vegetarian, except when it comes to ribs! Just as we left our outside table an amazing storm started, perfect timing on our part!

Saturday saw us at the Farmers Market once again, tempted by the great atmosphere and the wonderful produce. Yet again the fridge is overflowing as is the fruit bowl!  Simon spent the afternoon putting up his photos on his bedroom wall, making it very much his space and we are shortly going to print out many more from over the summer/winter. It is lucky he has plenty of wall space! I went out, to the Buckhorn Quilt Show, there were so many beautiful quilts, traditional and contemporary, colourful and bland, it was inspiring, but no, I am not going to take up quilting! Maybe one day….

Then we went onto the Buckhorn Art Gallery on the Lake. The sheer number and styles of paintings was amazing, as well as the sculptures, pottery and amazing tables made from extraordinary pieces of wood or roots. The paintings by Tim Packer of sun shining through birch trees caught my eye, and they do shipping!

Catching up on the internet and having a delicious breakfast at the Silver Bean Cafe, a really nice way to start our Sunday, in the sun! Simon has a lot of chores for the rest of the day but I have a big walk in mind, hopefully we can come to a compromise!

Another riddle from a fellow blogger and we can’t work out the answer, all help, except from Richard, accepted!

Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it, you die. What is it?







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