What a week that was!

There were so many wonderful moments during our week celebrating Michael’s birthday but the best for me was seeing Michael’s face as Russell made an announcement saying that whilst Michael thought he knew how many people were present he had forgotten one person! At that point Simon came running up the stairs and flung himself onto Michael, givinimageg him a big hug! The look on Michael’s face was priceless, he had had no idea that we had been scheming this surprise for some time! It was such a surprise for nearly everyone at the party that no one recorded the moment but I don’t think anyone who was there will forget it! Tears all round!

So then we partied on! Gathering on the terrace, having long lazy days in the sun, chatting and catching up with friends old and new, the catch cry for most people being “it is so good to see you agin! Last time I saw you was here at Conca del Sogno 2/3/4  or however many years ago!” We mingled, swam, sun baked and enjoyed the long days followed by long dinners, more chatting, laughing and catching up! I felt extremely blessed to have all of our beautiful children with us, who are clearly not children but gorgeous young people with us and some of their good friends too, as well as Victor as well as Vicky and Richard who were mad enough to come for a really short time and to bring Simon with them! And friends from Australia, the UK and Ireland, you all made it such an amazing time! The backdrop of the stunning Amalfi Coast is so special too and as for the food!! Tomatoes to die for! Back to the gym soon! But in the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the Mediterranean. We are in Malta now, conjuring up memories from my past as we spent many summers here. Our reason to be here though is a wedding, you know you are getting old when the children of your friends are getting married!


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