It’s our anniversary!

Today I have had a reminder from WordPress that this is our anniversary! One year of writing our blog! Well, what a year that was! Simon and I setting ourselves up in Peterborough, Simon settling into the routine ofimage the Arrowsmith programme whilst I settled into life as an expat mum. How lucky we were with the amazing group of people we found ourselves amongst, both students and parents and the wonderful, wonderful Arrowsmith staff. We couldn’t have found a more inclusive and caring community and so it continues this year, with lovely mums looking out for Simon, inviting him out for dinner and fun times whilst I am flitting around the globe, celebrating Michael’s birthday in Italy, going to a beautiful wedding in Malta and now in London with some of my family having a lovely time!

The best thing about Simon surprising Michael with his unexpected arrival in Italy was Michael’s shock and delight in having him there, but that was closely followed by the number of positive comments about Simon from our friends who hadn’t seen him for a whole. His increased confidence and chattiness, joining in with big group discussions and having his say was noticed by many. It was so lovely to hear our friends seeing the changes wrought by the hard work he has put into  Arrowsmith, doing the cognitive improvement exercises day in and day out, making the neuroplastic changes in his brain over the last year. It was very heartening for Simon as he can see those changes too, knowing that he can now be comfortable and confident in situations that would previously have been daunting for him. The wonders of the changes due to Simon undertaking the Arrowsmith programme continue to unfold! What will this year bring?


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