Meet the newest member of our family!

This is T’ronto!  We bought him from an old lady sitting on the side of the road in Chinatown in Toronto today. He will probably be the most expensive pet ever once we have bought the heater we will undoubtedly need as winter approaches and the water pump so Simon won’t have to change his water three times a week. I think the fact that Simon has a pet is a sign of settling back into life here! No substitute for Rusty, however, but companionship nonetheless and a responsibility! In the pet shop where we went to buy the tank, the stone for T’ronto to climb onto and food we were told he could live for 10 to 20 years!

Simon hosted Friday night again this week, with a number of the current Arrowsmith students coming along. When Emma and I got back from a delicious dinner at the Two Dishes Cookshop they were engrossed in a movie and we disappeared upstairs, hearing lots of laughter together with Simon’s running commentary, something that drives his sisters mad but which elicited no rude comments from his fellow students!

The Farmer’s Market was a must on Saturday as well as a visit to Chapters to replenish Simon’s supply of Wordsearch books. On Saturday evening Simon went out to a movie night at the home of another Arrowsmith student which he enjoyed whilst I went out for dinner with Andrea, it felt like Friday night but without the wine as I picked a simple café rather than a restaurant! Wine or no wine, it was so good to hear her entertaining stories about her work, her summer and Jonathan’s starting at university in Ottawa.

A quick trip to Toronto today for a wander through larapinta, party, italy, malta, london, peterborough 498Kensington Market, lunch in Chinatown and a new pet!


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