Stoney Lake and Thanksgiving

Our lovely Thanksgiving weekend continued with a misty start on Sunday. We enjoyed the Turkey Hunt following the clues throughout the resort, after which there was a guided hike where we saw turtles in the swamp and Simon fed the horses just like he, Emma and Lara used to in High Hauxley, all those years ago when they were so little, giggling at the horses tickling the palms of their hands as they took the sugar lumps or pieces of apple. Then off to Sarah and Dennis’s house, back in Peterborough, for a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner, along with a number of our Arrowsmith families. It was truly a feast, turkey and ham and a grand assortment of vegetables, and, for pudding, pumpkin pie! Truly scrumptious! We have much to be thankful for with such hospitable friends and their generous spirits, as well as much else – I think I will leave my thankfulness for another day!

Back to Pine Vista to play “ghost Pictionary” near the camp fire on the beach. Have you ever played? I am not sure if this is a game only played in Canada or only in Pine Vista!All you need is a big space, numerous tables with butcher’s paper and a marker pen, people to play, a referee and someone running about hiding being the ghost! Then, all you have to do is run and find the ghost, not so easy in the dark, in a fairly big open space with the ghost dressed in black, once found the ghost then whispers a word to you, you then run back to your table, draw the word, until the others on your team guess the word, then off you run to find the ghost, get the clue for the next word and so on for ten words! It takes some time but was great fun! Simon was our runner and drawer and did a good job! Back to our cabin, no need for dinner since we were still full from our Thanksgiving feast so we entertained ourselves until the wee small hours playing “Celebrity heads” – lots of laughter and fun!

This morning we had to pack up and leave – even a long weekend goes bytrees, stoney lake 106 too quickly. Simon and I went out on the lake in a double canoe, just canoeing around the nearest island since it was our first time in a double canoe together! We managed to stay afloat and to steer without too much ado! I can only wonder at how beautiful and peaceful being out in canoe in a remote place must be.

We prolonged our Pine Vista time by playing several games of pool and air hockey in the games room before we left! As well as a short walk by the lake. All too soon we were back in Peterborough, Emma and Simon hard at work trying to finish a puzzle before I take Emma to Toronto very early in the morning for her flight to London, where she has a few days before she heads home to sunny Sydney after her summer of travelling.


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