Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

It is that time of year in Peterborough, there are pumpkins everywhere! In the Farmer’s Market, on front porches and especially at the Buckhorn Berry Farm Pumpkin Fest! We went along the haunted road, full of scary, bloodied bodies and graves to the corn maze, we were glad it wasn’t dark! The corn maze was “amazing”, it felt like a very long and windy path through the corn field with no end in sight and that it would be very easy to get lost without the path! We bowled pumpkins, we watched pumpkins being fireimaged from a cannon and then we took a ride on a wagon to pick our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Being a townie, born and bred, I have to admit I have never seen a pumpkin patch before nor did I know anything about the life cycle of the pumpkin but I do now! Fascinating!

A quick delicious stir fry, shared with Amanda, and then Simon, Ben and I headed off to the Lang Pioneer Village All Hallows’ Eve night. We learnt much about the origins of Halloween, bonfires and Jack O’Lanterns. We had our palms read and even touched the wing of a vampire bat! It felt like a balloon!


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