A glorious day for me but not so for Simon!

imageA beautiful fall/autumn day, big blue skies and sunshine with a nip in the air. What a relief after, seemingly, endless days of grey. Off I went on my new bike, bought at the Police auction for me, by Simon! I love the freedom of cycling, wind whistling past, satisfyingly fast but slow enough to take in the scenery.

Meanwhile, Simon was stuck inside doing his exercises. He is beginning to get frustrated at not mastering 3 handed clocks yet, so near and yet so far. To achieve a mastery you have to acheive a certain percentage of accuracy in terms of reading the clock within a certain time frame. Each time Simon’s time is quicker, his percentage accuracy decreases, and equally if he slows down his accuracy increases, neither of which allows him to achieve his mastery! So frustrating! I am sure that lovely Mr Coppins will be able to provide some tips! I hope so!



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