Go Petes Go!

This is the cheer for the Peterborough Petes who play in the Ontario Hockey league. Tonight they were playing the Saginaw Spirit, a team from Saginaw Michigan. Our first ice hockey game! There was a minutes silence for the soldiers killed this week in Quebec and Ottawa before the game. You could have heard a pin drop, it was very moving and respectful. The Stars and Stripes followed and then a very rousing rendition of Oh Canada (sorry my Canadian friends but it is an odd title for your National Anthem!) followed by much cheering, which was defiant. I don’t often agree with steven Harper but I thought his proclamation that Canada will not be intimidated was great. And then in true Canadian spirit it was on with the game. Even though the Petes were roundly defeated, 4-0, it was such an exciting game! So fast and thrilling, lots of action! Simon and Ben both really enjoyed it, as did I, so much so we will go back next week! A telling remark from Simon “Mum, last year I wouldn’t have understood what was going on in this game”. imageHow great that he can understand so much more and appreciate those changes. That remark made my evening.

And earlier in the day, Mr Coppins obviously decided to make the most of the beautiful Indian summer (you know what I mean!) by stopping class early, going to the oval and organising a game of touch football! What a fabulous way to celebrate the sunshine. Ben and I went for a walk along the canal to the Lift Lock which has stopped operations in anticipation of winter but is very impressive nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “Go Petes Go!

  1. I went to a fight and an ice hockey game broke out.

    I must tell you my ideas for the referees at some stage – involves cattle prods!! Catherine was shocked.

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