Our pumpkins!

Back to Niagara and our weekend! Simon and Ben got their tickets for the four Must Do attractions at Niagara Falls and off they went after I took a photo of them, hair blowing wildly in the wind, just in front of the Canadian falls. They had a great afternoon going on the Hornblower (previously and more well known as the Maid of the Mist, but that name is now only for use in the US) boat, onto the White water Rapids, the walk behind the falls but they missed out the cheesy movie and the 4D experience, the Fury. They even fitted in a game of mini golf, all the while I was enjoying a trip to Niagara on the Lake via various wineries, including tasting wines at Reimer, Trius and  Konzelmann. I stopped at Iniskillin too but was quite overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people there, although I was glad to have stopped as there for some lovely photos opportunities.

I found a small Art Gallery, Riverbrink, full of interesting Canadian art, for the most part. It was built by a lawyer, Sam Weir, in the 70s and left to the people of Canada on his death. I wandered through and enjoyed a sense of Canadian history as well as some lovely art.

Onto Niagara on the Lake which was packed with tourists, like me! I had a beautiful walk along the lakeside and through the historic town, stopping only for a scone at the Irish Tea House.  As the sun set I drove back to Niagara to meet up with the boys for dinner in the Keg where the dinner was good but the view over the falls was even better!

Onto the CN Tower in the morning, after breakfasting overlooking the falls once again. They are mesmerising and I could spend all day watching them. The view from the CN Tower was pretty spectacular too, looking out over Toronto and Lake Ontario. We went up to the Pod, some image188 storeys above ground level, that made me more shaky than going on the glass floor in the look out at 144 storeys! Much to my surprise Simon was happy to lie down on the glass floor but couldn’t look down on the people outside on the Edge walk, why anyone wants to do that walk is beyond me!  The Horzons restaurant on the 144 th floor was our lunch spot, overlooking the planes taking off and landing at Toronto’s Island airport, looking like tiny toy planes!

Onto the Zoo which was huge! All sorts of animals, from Grizzly Bears to tigers, giraffes, turtles and tiny sea horses. The Pygmy hippo kept us entertained for some time playing with a big buoy in his lake, blowing bubbles when surfacing from time to time! I am not sure about the rights and wrongs of keeping animals in zoos but their conservation and scientific work is really important as is allowing people to appreciate the wonders of the natural world. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

And finally, tonight we carved the pumpkins we bought at the pumpkin festival last weekend. Pretty splendid, wouldn’t you agree?


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