Ladies who lunch!

I dashed out of the door at 6am to catch the Greyhound bus to Toronto to meet a really good friend for the day. Such fun to have a girly day – shopping and lunch at Holt Renfrew, a very lovely department store with a very lovely café, where we enjoyed our delicious BLT salads and a drop of Canadian Pinot Gris from Blue Mountain, Ukanagan Valley, BC. Ladies who Lunch! But not very often!

I came back to Simon and Ben engrossed in the Lego Movie, which I have seen and enjoyed far more than I had expected to, it is surprisingly entertaining and very witty. Pad Thai takeaway for them for dinner! Another frustrating day for Simon, so close to masteries. As Mr Coppins told me last year at this point a superhuman effort is required! No wonder Simon’s brain is aching!



6 thoughts on “Ladies who lunch!

  1. Of course you know that the lego movie was made by my friend felicity (by way of Animal Logic) and ipso facto is an Aussie movie!

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