Yeah, the Pete’s won!

We went to another Pete’s game tonight – fast and furious, this time more like the description Stella sent us after we saw our first ice hockey game this time last week. She wrote of her experience seeing a game “I went to a fight and an ice hockey game broke out!” There were a couple of “gloves off and laying into each other” fights, only one of which resulted in both players being sent off for 5 minutes for “unsportsmanly behaviour” and a separate incident where the referee got caught up between the players after a puck drop (we are learning all the lingo now!) and ended up injured on the ground, it was a good while before he got up again. Being an ice hockey referee must be quite a risky job! The Pete’s were on good form, much more skilful (or so it seemed to me) with more accurate passing and reading of the game – there were many more shots on goal and the final score was 4-1! Ben and Simon lined up to get player cards signed by two of the Pete’s  – giants of young men who were impressed that people from Australia were watching their match!

During the day Ben and I went to the Peterborough Museum. We went around the very interesting exhibit detailing the history and development of Peterborough, the journeys and immigration of the settlers, the demise of the First Nation people, the building boom and the wealth of the town as it became a centre of manufacturing. There was a splendid opera house here once, I will have to find out what happened to it, I do hope it wasn’t knocked down to make way for Peterborough Square which is not a very lovely shopping centre! Most of Peterborough looks much like it did in the 1890s when the architecture was more stylish than much of the more recent building here.

There was also a travelling exhibition from the Royal Ontario Museum called “Egypt, Gift of the Nile” with exhibits about life in ancient Egypt and a mummy. This was quite a small exhibition but really fascinating. Both Ben and I would recommend a visit to the Peterborough Museum.

And in the morning I met some of the mums for knitting and a natter at the Electric City Bread Company which is very well worth a visit – fabulous pastries! Both the lunch and dinner menus look delicious, and maybe brunch one weekend!


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