Is this the World’s Smallest Library?

smallest library, snowy day 006I spotted this on my way up Water Street the other day and stopped to have a look this morning. On the other side is an unlocked Perspex door with, maybe, 15 books inside. A note attached to the door says “Nov: expect lots of dark sci-fi and mysteries. Dec will be lighter fare. Let’s keep our little neighbourhood library going! When you’ve finished reading – bring the book back.”

I love the idea of neighbours sharing books this way. What do you think, is this the world’s smallest library?



Winter wonderland!

smallest library, snowy day 011 On the way to Arrowsmith this morning –  Simon is all wrapped up against the snow! It was a beautiful walk, particularly along the canal.

Apart from packing my suitcase for going to the UK (yippee!) I had a wonderful massage with Leah and her magic hands (at Spilchen Wellness Therapies) which left me feeling relaxed yet energised – perfect!

I may be off line for a few days, depending if I can get my iPad to let me into wordpress from which it seems to have locked me out!  Simon is inheriting this laptop so that he can do even more homework and hopefully get those masteries which are currently frustrating and eluding him.


The Way (and breakfast)

sunrise, breakfast 008What a great film to finish off my Sunday – it makes me want to put on my hiking boots and set off to walk “The Camino”, such beautiful scenery and interesting characters (I wouldn’t mind meeting Martin Sheen) along “the way”! Then again, maybe not at this time of year.

Simon requested a visit to Chapters to replenish his reading supplies – and I am so excited he is reading that of course I said yes! Off we went this morning, after a short delay whilst Simon got quite lost on his way from Argyle – eventually he worked out where he was and made his way. I don’t think he will turn the wrong way next time on his way out! Brunch at the “Two Dishes Cookshop” – Simon’s apple pie pancakes were the best and the biggest choice! Back to Argyle to listen to the last CD of the Wicked audio book! We have been listening for so long that it is quite a surprise there is no more to come. Such a clever and interesting book. Whilst we were listening the world turned white and ! walked back to London Street in a beautiful winter wonderland.

One truck, three adults, three kids and a dog!

sunrise, Parents walking group, Remembrance day 005That’s all it takes to move a 1 metre by 1 metre coffee table to Argyle so that Simon can continue his hobby of doing the most difficult puzzles he can find! Many thanks to Michelle for helping us, along with Chloe, Max and Sam (the  boys insisted on carrying the coffee table all the way to Simon’s room – thanks guys!) and not forgetting Duke, Simon’s favourite dog in Peterborough!

After the move, we spent the afternoon printing out photos for Simon. I am not sure he has enough walls for all the photos but that is next weekend’s project! We have almost finished listening to the first of the books in the “Wicked” series – only one CD to go – perfect timing since I leave on Tuesday to allow Simon to spread his wings!

It snowed today!

Winter is here! The sky was very grey all day, not that I noticed it very much since, after walking to Arrowsmith with Simon, I went for a coffee at Nata’s Café with Lynette, then onto knitting at Sylvia’s, onto a birthday lunch (no names!) at the Riverhouse in Lakefield, a brief sojourn at home, back to Nata’s whilst Simon was at the gym from where we “got a ride” to the OHL  (the Ontario Hockey League, which was billed as Canada) vs Russia ice hockey match. Phew, that was a busy social day! Fun, delicious, exciting and disappointing (Russia won 4 – 0)! While I was sitting at Nata’s drinking my tea and reading there was a heavy dump of snow – I was so surprised as I went out to find all the cars covered! And now the pavements are icy once again.

This is Simon on Tuesday when the temperature reached +16 C and the current temperature is -3, feels like -7C! Agh! sunrise, Parents walking group, Remembrance day 008


Lest We Forget

Yesterday’s post was written too late in the evening, hence the brevity. Sorry Happy Shopper but it is earlier tonight, and Simon is not here to edit, so I shall be more expansive in this post – stop reading now if that is enough for you!

Yesterday, as  you are no doubt aware, was Remembrance Day. The ceremony held at the War Memorial was very moving. Given that Peterborough is not an especially big town the number of  people who gathered to pay their respects was remarkable. Unbeknownst to me, all the Arrowsmith students and teachers had walked to the War Memorial to watch the ceremony, as Simon told me on our walk to Arrowsmith this morning. sunrise, Parents walking group, Remembrance day 024All ages, creeds and colours were amongst the crowd and you could have heard a pin drop during the two minutes silence at 11o’clock. During the laying of the wreaths there was a rumble overhead and we all looked skywards to see a Hercules flying past, I think everyone in the crowd gasped. It circled around and flew over once again eliciting surprise. A very impressive tribute.

One of the most beautiful and moving tributes to the fallen is the installation of the poppies around the Tower of London, if  you haven’t seen it take a look here

and even if you have seen it, take another look as it is so worth seeing again. I was lucky enough to see it in September when I was in London and was so glad to have had that opportunity.

I saw a sign yesterday which was perfect in its simplicity “Thank you Veterans”.