Ladies Who Lunch (again!)

It must be Wednesday – out to lunch again, this time going to meet my lovely friend, Chris, halfway between Peterborough and Toronto in Port Perry! After a beautiful drive meandering through the Canadian countryside along highway 7A, Port Perry appeared. A pretty little lakeside town with an interesting array of shops and coffee shops. We started off with a giant hot chocolate  to warm us up as it was quite brisk on our brief walk along the lake. A wander through the shops and then onto lunch in a café, rather less sophisticated than last weeks venue and no wine imbibed since we were both driving. It was so good to sit and catch up with each other again as there is such a lot of shared history along the way. It always feels just as if it were only yesterday that we were in Balmain ferrying our children back and forth to school, to circus school or to the beach for surfing lessons! One of my more “being a terrible parent” moments was when Chris rang me late in the afternoon to see why I hadn’t yet dropped her children home and I realised that I had forgotten to pick them up and left them at school! I would much rather have forgotten to pick up my own children! Fortunately she forgave me and our friendship continued undamaged by my negligence towards her children!

A slightly less frustrated Simon greeted me this afternoon, he had managed to get one perfect line of tracing – definitely making progress, albeit not as quickly as he would like and another terrible brain ache this evening! Does it sound mean when I say that is a good thing? Ben, parents walking group, Port Perry w Christine 022

And I forgot to mention what a lovely walk the Parents Walking Group had yesterday, walking the Bridgenorth trail, once again earning our sandwiches at Sam’s Deli afterwards!



3 thoughts on “Ladies Who Lunch (again!)

  1. Hello! I’m a Public Health researcher from Puerto Rico. I’m following the Our Journey blog and she recommended me yours. As I said to her, it’s really amazing the sacrifices to come from afar to get the opportunity of a better education. I hope you can overcome the challenges with success. God bless!

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes Maria. What I hope for my son, Simon, is that the Arrowsmith programme will allow him to be the person he is meant to be and to maximise his potential. We can see big changes already, apart from academic progress the most important change is in his increased confidence and self-esteem, which was seriously eroded whilst at school.

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