Hutchison House, always interesting!

As I have said before, and it bears repeating, the Arrowsmith community is a great community, very inclusive and social, which makes being here, rather than in our hometowns, much easier to cope with. We had a great outing (well, I thought it was great, which is just as well since I organised it!) to Hutchison House today. Erin was our guide with a great knowledge of the house, it’s history and plenty of stories about the family. Mrs Hutchison bore 11 children, of whom 8 survived. She was left with 5 children when Dr Hutchison died of thyphoid fever when they had only been living in their house for 10 years, she then had to leave the house to live in a small cottage nearby, later going to live in Toronto but how she survived there is unknown. Tragically their oldest son, who would have provided for the family, who had gone to Scotland to be apprenticed to his uncle died in an accident, first footing, falling off a pier and drowning in the cold, wintry waters of the North Sea. We repaired to the “keeping room”, the cosy big basement kitchen, with the open fire and tables set for morning tea with scones which had been cooked on the open fire! We sat there chatting and enjoying tea and scones until it was time to move onto The Planet bakery for lunch!

Simon and I had a great debate after Arrowsmith about whether to go to watch the Peterborough Petes tonight, but listening to the audio book of “Wicked”, written by Gregory Maguire, won out. We are about halfway through and I still can’t work out how the musical, one of Simon’s all time favourites, was conceived from the book. Some of the language is grandiose and quite complicated and the storyline Hutchison House 003weaves around but Simon is enjoying listening to it nonetheless, as am I!


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