All change! Next stop Argyle!

Moving day today (and tomorrow)! Simon moves into Argyle, one of the Trent University halls of residence, into his single room which is a double room so he has extra space. Three of the guys in his class at Arrowsmith live there and will show him the ropes which will making moving and living trees, snow clouds 010there much easier.

Some of my day yesterday was spent finding a bar fridge and a microwave for Simon’s new room. I went with a friend to Costco – what an amazing store – vast with everything you might ever need, apart from a small bar fridge and a small microwave, their fridges and microwaves were vast too! Home Depot to the rescue! We found the perfect bar fridge, the last one in the store, and a small microwave. It is another vast emporium with all sorts of hardware, given that Bunnings in Sydney is so much smaller and that it is Michael’s idea of heaven, this would be an even better and bigger heaven!

I took myself out for a beautiful walk in the evening – the sky was really lovely, big clouds, full of snow I feared and it is indeed snowing now, albeit lightly! Moving in the snow, oh joy!


6 thoughts on “All change! Next stop Argyle!

  1. I went out to Chiswick High Road today to buy a can opener. I tried Barclays Bank first but they unhelpfully said that they did not sell can openers, but people who might need to withdraw money or even deposit money would love it because it was a bank. I next tried Sainsburys, which is huge, but only has a very small homeward section that only had a green can opener that I did not like. So next I went to the kitchen shop in Devonshire Rd. They only had really fancy electric can openers that also told the time in Kabul and Oslo. I did not need such functionality so I moved onto Robert Dyad, which is just like the Robert Dyas in Victoria but much bigger. Funnily, they both have basements, which is rare within the Robert Dyas chain, but Jean would have loved it I think. On second thoughts she most probably would not. The good news is that they had a wide range of metal can openers and I bought one. The bad news is that I don’t have any cans to open, so I might buy some on the way home.It is now raining, albeit lightly, and I walked home without incident or delay. Tomorrow I will discuss in detail paint drying followed by a minute by minute account of a rusting car.

    • Simon’s rom looks great – he has a double room so he made one half into a bedroom and the other half has comfy chair and fridge, microwave and is his kitchen/living room. Not that he needs a kitchen since all meals are supplied!

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