He’s gone!

Simon has moved! Officially an Argyle resident now! He is lucky enough to have a double room to himself which he has set up as a bedroom on one side and living room with a kitchen (sort of) on the other, including his microwave and bar fridge (Richard!). Not sure the first dinner was very inspiring (spicy rice, he said!) and the internet connection is iffy to say the least but anyway, we will see – it is a first step to another stage. I know I am not brave about letting my http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/10/28/barnacle-gosling-s-death-defying-cliff-dive.html

chicks fly the nest, unlike these wise geese parents, I wish I could be more so!

Most of our weekend was spent sorting, packing and moving, but we did fit in some other things too – Simon went to a movie night last night, hotdogs, fun and one of the Bourne identity movies whilst I, having dropped him off, went to the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra’s opening concert of their concert series, Autumn Enchantment. The concert was wonderful, with Christine Donkin’s Three Autumn Scenes to start, three short pieces which were evocative of their titles, Leaves in the Wind, Migration and First Snowfall, onto Cello Concerto no 1 by Saint-Saens, which is a particularly beautiful piece and all the more interesting because the Cello Soloist is married to the conductor – he is quite a character and his pre-performance talk was very funny, the pitfalls of being married to your soloist, but they obviously have a very professional relationship too, as the performance was quite magical. Schumann’s Symphony no 2 concluded the concert which is thought to be one of the most the most compelling and beautiful pieces that Schumann wrote, and it certainly was that. I enjoyed it enormously in my own uncritical, unmusical way and being uncritical and unmusical but enjoying it, I think, is perhaps enough!

We went to the Electric City Bread Company this morning – I just had to go back to try the French Toast (for you, Stella!). It was delicious! Simon had the Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash with poached eggs that I had last week – fortunately he left quite a lot which I brought home and have just enjoyed for dinner with a fried egg on top! Most impressively when we walked in, they said “Welcome back!” – nowsnow, Simons room at Argyle 009 that is worth going back for! What to have next week?




One thought on “He’s gone!

  1. Glad to see Simon doesn’t look too much like that poor gosling – although he is looking a bit stunned but not as fluffy – I guess it’s a big thing to be moving out of home!!

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