Lest We Forget

Yesterday’s post was written too late in the evening, hence the brevity. Sorry Happy Shopper but it is earlier tonight, and Simon is not here to edit, so I shall be more expansive in this post – stop reading now if that is enough for you!

Yesterday, as  you are no doubt aware, was Remembrance Day. The ceremony held at the War Memorial was very moving. Given that Peterborough is not an especially big town the number of  people who gathered to pay their respects was remarkable. Unbeknownst to me, all the Arrowsmith students and teachers had walked to the War Memorial to watch the ceremony, as Simon told me on our walk to Arrowsmith this morning. sunrise, Parents walking group, Remembrance day 024All ages, creeds and colours were amongst the crowd and you could have heard a pin drop during the two minutes silence at 11o’clock. During the laying of the wreaths there was a rumble overhead and we all looked skywards to see a Hercules flying past, I think everyone in the crowd gasped. It circled around and flew over once again eliciting surprise. A very impressive tribute.

One of the most beautiful and moving tributes to the fallen is the installation of the poppies around the Tower of London, if  you haven’t seen it take a look here


and even if you have seen it, take another look as it is so worth seeing again. I was lucky enough to see it in September when I was in London and was so glad to have had that opportunity.

I saw a sign yesterday which was perfect in its simplicity “Thank you Veterans”.


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