It snowed today!

Winter is here! The sky was very grey all day, not that I noticed it very much since, after walking to Arrowsmith with Simon, I went for a coffee at Nata’s Café with Lynette, then onto knitting at Sylvia’s, onto a birthday lunch (no names!) at the Riverhouse in Lakefield, a brief sojourn at home, back to Nata’s whilst Simon was at the gym from where we “got a ride” to the OHL  (the Ontario Hockey League, which was billed as Canada) vs Russia ice hockey match. Phew, that was a busy social day! Fun, delicious, exciting and disappointing (Russia won 4 – 0)! While I was sitting at Nata’s drinking my tea and reading there was a heavy dump of snow – I was so surprised as I went out to find all the cars covered! And now the pavements are icy once again.

This is Simon on Tuesday when the temperature reached +16 C and the current temperature is -3, feels like -7C! Agh! sunrise, Parents walking group, Remembrance day 008



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