The Way (and breakfast)

sunrise, breakfast 008What a great film to finish off my Sunday – it makes me want to put on my hiking boots and set off to walk “The Camino”, such beautiful scenery and interesting characters (I wouldn’t mind meeting Martin Sheen) along “the way”! Then again, maybe not at this time of year.

Simon requested a visit to Chapters to replenish his reading supplies – and I am so excited he is reading that of course I said yes! Off we went this morning, after a short delay whilst Simon got quite lost on his way from Argyle – eventually he worked out where he was and made his way. I don’t think he will turn the wrong way next time on his way out! Brunch at the “Two Dishes Cookshop” – Simon’s apple pie pancakes were the best and the biggest choice! Back to Argyle to listen to the last CD of the Wicked audio book! We have been listening for so long that it is quite a surprise there is no more to come. Such a clever and interesting book. Whilst we were listening the world turned white and ! walked back to London Street in a beautiful winter wonderland.


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