Well, here I am!

Home at last!  Almost a week now, and yet I still feel somewhat disconcerted by the heat, humid and Christmas decorations! After the cold of Peterborough where the Christmas lights twinkle against the snow, and the beautiful Christmas lights in London, Christmas feels out of place here in Sydney! Still, it is good to be back and have some time with my lovely husband before his hip replacement on Wednesday.

We have wined, dined and partied since I got home!  Last night saw us at Otto’s in Wooloomooloo where we arrived by boat (such fun as it feels so terribly decadent, even if we were dressed in our wet weather gear!) and such beautiful food! On my first evening back, which seems like a while ago now, we dodged the rain to go to Il Capello, our local Italian, pizza for Michael, salad for me – perfect! We sat out on our balcony with Emma on Thursday night, enjoying beautiful steaks and red wine, discussing politics and solving the problems of the world! Dinner with friends on Friday, partied on Saturday night, it’s been busy!

Simon, meanwhile, has recovered from his nasty bug, having been looked after by good friends on Monday and Tuesday.  Lynette, Stuart and Zac took Simon home with them to give him a good dinner and a quiet night another night, as the end of term approaches it is quite noisy at Argyle. Simon enjoyed the soup that Lynette made especially for him for dinner and at Arrowsmith the next day. How lucky are we to have made such friends who keep an eye out for Simon, the Arrowsmith community is very special, so caring and thoughtful. It is really reassuring for me, now that I am so far away.


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