Good news!

The first words that Simon said to me this morning when Emma and I met him at the airport were “I mastered 3 hands!”. Sneaky Simon had kept his success a secret since Wednesday! What a great way to finish the term, especially given how unwell and miserable he had been! Go Simon!Simon master 3hands 016

This is what Matt/Mr Coppins said in Simon’s most recent report  “You have been working really hard in your Clocks exercise, but recently passed your expected date to master level 3 Hands. Your Clocks master will come, and it will be a very memorable day in your Arrowsmith career.”  Well, that mastery did come and I believe it was a very memorable day – the entire school came into the West room to congratulate Simon and cheer! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!


2 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Finally a half-decent blog, and not all about weird infusions, organic cakes and ‘oooooh don’t the leaves look wonderful” Well done Simon for your amazing achievement and knocking that tosh off the blog.

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