Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful start to 2015, out on the harbour watching the fabulous fireworks cascading over Sydney Harbour. Dashing back to open yet another bottle of champagne and continue partying until the last of our guests left very, very late. Very, very late being 2.45am – very late for me!

For me, there couldn’t have been a better New Year’s Eve day, having a walk with Lara from Clovelly to Bondi, meeting up with a friend along the way and then we went for a much deserved breakfast at Café M – delicious! Half an hour after we got home we were out on the water, sailing with friends on a catamaran up the Parramatta river, treated to champagne and lunch, a beautiful way to spend a couple of hours. Then home again to set up for our usual New Year’s Eve party – such an easy relaxed affair with everyone bringing something delicious (akin to our Canadian pot lucks!), chatting in the kitchen with friends whilst making beautiful salads, listening to Simon shrieking with laughter whilst playing pool with Ben and Lara and her friends also shrieking with laughter whilst she was teaching them Racing Demon, one of the most competitive, but fun, card games ever! We missed Emma who was at a music festival with her friends but we had had a lovely family dinner on Tuesday night at Ribterranean in lieu of being together at New Year, Ribterranean being Simon’s choice – the would-be vegetarian who loves ribs!

Today turned into a continuation of yesterday – walking (and chatting) this morning with a dear friend, trying to start the New Year in the manner in which I wish to continue! Friends dropped by for a cup of tea at twelve and left at four after a long lunch! Other friends came and went through the day – all sitting around the table on the balcony, enjoying a sunny, hot Sydney day! No cooking tonight but snacking on leftovers for those who wanted whilst we all watched the rather silly Mr Bean Goes to School DVD! A rare thing for our family to sit down and watch something on TV together! What a treat, especially since Lara and Simon will be leaving for the UK and Canada all too soon. Anyway, I won’t dwell on that but will enjoy the rest of our time together before they leave! And after that, what will I do with myself?


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