So long, farewell….

So, today we said goodbye to Simon as he set off back to Peterborough on his own! Who would have thought that this time last year he would be setting off to stay on his own half way around the world, staying in a student hall of residence? What a long way he has come! We are so proud of him.image

And on Sunday, Lara left to go back to the UK, back to Uni, where she is thriving. Emma is here, thank goodness otherwise I’d be quite tragic! She is doing a job I’d love to do, I am quite jealous in fact, working in the bar in the magical setting of the Royal Botanical Gardens, at the St George cinema season, overlooking the Opera House as the sun sets, being able to watch the great selection of movies over the season!

Perhaps it is just me but I find it find it so hard to let my chicks go, we have such fun together, but I know I have to let them go so they can fly! Happy flying!


2 thoughts on “So long, farewell….

  1. Such a amazing commitment Fi, we wish Simon the very best of success in getting comfortable with living so far from home. So much to be gained, nothing to be lost. Greg

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