Life is not so dull after all! And Simon is doing well!

imageJust when I was wondering what to do with myself Michael managed to dislocate his new hip again! It took 2 ambulancemen and 3 firemen to get him down the stairs and out of the house, into the ambulance! Oh my! Popping the hip back in took only a matter of moments once we got to the Emergency Department, waited (not too long) to see the doctor, waited for the space in the Resuscitation Unit (not very reassuring!) where they would administer the general anaesthetic and do the procedure, then a long wait until Michael ate and drank after which he was allowed to go home! He slept all afternoon, wandering into the kitchen when he awoke, not using his crutches. The crutches are essential to lessen the load on the traumatised hip to allow the tissue around it to heal. No crutches = no healing! Fortunately at the point at which I was about to leave the house with exasperation, our good friend, a physio, phoned and Michael slunk into the bedroom and came out with his crutches saying “You win!”. Since then Michael has been on his best behaviour, resting and sitting around which is not his normal state, he is like a caged tiger!

Simon, as you know, is in Peterborough and my communication with him has been via facebook messaging – this is how it went:

I woke up at 8 am

the next message, written the following evening, was:

I can’t sleep

then, the next day:

Are the worms or snakes (Australian lollies/sweets, just in case you were wondering!) for Zac?

and various messages since then!

Fortunately on Saturday evening he went to watch a movie at a friend’s house and used their wifi (as the wifi at Argyle is terrible) to facetime us to talk to us! He was rather more communicative than via facebook, though I am glad of the facebook messages, which give a sense of what he is feeling and what he is up to. Talking to him, it is clear that he is not enjoying the cold weather, not surprising having enjoyed the sun of Sydney really but he is managing well – for example, having woken up late, he dashed down to breakfast, picked up something for lunch and rang for a taxi so that he could make it to Arrowsmith in time, having already rung to let them know that he might be late! He wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to get himself so organised this time last year. In fact, this time last year there is no way I could have imagined that Simon could go back to Peterborough travelling on his own, and being so far away by himself, albeit with a great support network around him. It is a huge step for him and we are so proud of him and the fact that he is able to do this thanks to his own hard work at Arrowsmith and the cognitive changes that have resulted because of it. What a long way he has come. I know I wrote about how proud we are in my precious post but I can’t help repeating myself as the changes we see are so thrilling, they are allowing Simon to be more independent, resourceful and resilient and in the end, isn’t that what you want for your children? As well as their being content, which in my (personal!) opinion, is more important than their being happy.


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