Another mastery for Simon!

“Not too important, just another level of word” he said! Just another level of word is pretty important I think – every Mastery is important. It means those neuronal pathways are growing and the changes in Simon’s understanding and thinking as a result are remarkable. And I take my hat to him (again!) for being in Peterborough on his own, albeit with a great network of caring friends and teachers around him.

I continue to try to take care of my patient, aka my husband – the problem is he is not really a patient as he feels so much better and in much less pain now he has had his hip replacement. There is just the matter of the continuing hip displacements to overcome now – so easily done but putting his recovery back every time. A revision is on the cards but he is not keen.

Our Australia Day weekend in Pearl Beach was glorious, apart from the torrential monsoon-like rain which started on Australia Day and continued on for most of this week. I am hardly in a position to complain about the weather when Simon tells me it is minus 27C in Peterborough right now! We shared many (probably too many) delicious meals with friends, walked up and over “the mountain” to Patonga and back, walked the beach with Rusty, swam and then when our friends left we lit the fire to counter the damp and watched the Socceroos beat the UAE in a thrilling, tense match – soccer (football, actually!) history being made!

I wait to hear what the rest of the week has brought for Simon when he facetimes tomorrow. I hope he isn’t feeling quite so miserable about giving away his turtle but I’m sure for a little while his room at Argyle will feel much emptier with the turtle’s company.



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