imageI spent yesterday in Toowoomba, visiting the recently started full time Arrowsmith programme at the Darling Downs Christian school. Theirs is currently the only full time adult programme in Australia. It is early days for them with most students still training in order to do the exercises perfectly, a prerequisite to maximise cognitive improvement. It had the same quiet, determined air as I see each time I go into the West classroom in Peterborough. And again, the dedication of the teachers is palpable, so encouraging and positive. In addition to the adult class there are two classrooms for school aged students and the demand for the Arrowsmith programme is growing. At the recent teacher training programme in Toronto there were teachers from Australia and New Zealand who will all go back to expand the programmes already running in their schools but even as they expand the numbers of students seeking out the Arrowsmith programme is increasing! Barbara’s dream of helping as many students as possible to reach their potential is coming true, though having a programme in every school is still someway away, I am sure that it will happen and sooner rather than later.

Lea-Anne picked me up after my schol visit and we went out to lunch at Wrays, a beautiful organic cafe and shop. The food reminded me of The Food Forest in Peterborough though, as Lea-Anne pointed it, it didn’t have the same cosy atmosphere. She took me on a tour of Toowoomba, a bustling town with beautiful walks from Picnic Point, though we ran out of time to go too far afield. We picked Kayle up from school, whilst she went to a music lesson, we went onto Lea-Anne’s office at the Airport Flyer, which makes travelling back and forth to either Wellcamp or Brisbane airport so easy with their friendly drivers and efficient service, then to meet her sister and her family. We spent the evening chatting and when Col got back from work we continued  reminiscing about our Arrowsmith days, all our special friends, good times and good restaurants! It was really lovely to spend time together, making that special connection instantly only found with good friends. Thanks for a great day Lea-Anne, Col and Kaylee! See you again soon before too long.


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