Secret Sydney!

I have been walking from Milsons Point by way of the forshore walk to the long staircase that goes up to Lavendar Street every Friday morning for the past few weeks. It was only last week that I noticed the little statues dotted here and there along the way! This beautiful little area is called Art Barton Park and now I have spotted them these statues make me smile as I walk past them. The park is dedicated to Arthur “Art” Barton and I quote “He was born in 1887 and worked as an artist at Luna Park from 1937, the year of the park’s opening until 1970 when fading eyesight obliged him to retire. Arthur’s paintings gave the original park a very Australian character and his “happy face” entrance gate built in 1959 has been used as model for all subsequent Luna Park faces. Arthur Barton died in 1974″. It says then that the park dedicated to him was completed and opened in August 2007. I like the little statue of the “happy face”, I find the big “happy face” at the entrance to Luna Park a little creepy, almost malevolent in it’s happiness.

The stairs lead up to Wendy Whiteleys house, widow of the Australian artist Brett Whiteley, famous for his beautiful paintings inspired by Sydney harbour, as well more radical and challenging paintings. Wendy Whiteley has opened up her garden to the public, there are narrow winding paths leading down the hill into shaded glades, rainforest like, with picnic tables, it has a very peaceful feel, quite unexpected after the bustle and noise of Luna Park.

Two secret places, not really secret just previously unobseved by me, so different but both delightful. I am sure there are so many more for me to discover!

And just in case you are worrying this post is all about me, I have to tell you how delighted and surprised I was when Simon told me yesterday that he was reading in the evenings after dinner at Argyle! I have to admit that this is not something I had ever expected to hear, given his fear of reading. This is a HUGE step for him and one that is so important in helping to cement in the cognitive changes happening in his brain with his work on his Arrowsmith exercises! Go Simon! I am so proud of you! Go Arrowsmith!


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