Every day has it’s dog, just not today or yesterday!

Canada sep-march 2014 1220Our already quite quiet house is currently even quieter as Rusty has gone up to Pearl Beach to have a holiday with some friends! His favourite place so he will be very happy but it means no enthusiastic greeting, tail wagging faster than it seems possible, so happy to see us dog waiting at the top of the stairs as we come in from the garage! No gleeful morning  greeting either when it is clear it has been such a long night without us and Rusty is delighted we are up and is happily anticipating that I  will be taking him for a walk very soon thereafter. I am reminded of the saying I read on a board outside a church in Peterborough “Be the person your dog thinks you are”! It is so true that we rarely are as a good a person as our dogs think we are!  Perhaps we all love our dogs because they reflect the good in us and are always optimistic and enthusiastic!

Socks, I am sad to say, is a poor substitute for Rusty! She looks so terrible, aged 17 or so, her fur thinning and not as groomed as it used to be. A bit like some old people, she is letting herself go as she waits out her days, lying in the sun on the balcony, peeing in random places!

Here is an old photo of rusty with his favourite person!


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