Simon, you are a star! And London continued!

Simon’s latest report started thus: Simon: the past month has been your most productive of the entire year, and possibly the most productive of your Arrowsmith career!

Well done Simon for working so hard and doing so well, we are all so very proud of you! So whilst Simon is working hard I am living the life of Riley, whoever he was! Lunches, dinners, friends and family! So much fun! Lunching at the Bingham on a sunny day, overlooking the Thames in Richmond following a glorious walk in Kew Gardens, seeing the orchid exhibition in the Princess of Wales greenhouse, which put me in mind of the fabulous gardens I saw in Delaware last April with Stella, I must look back at those posts to remind myself of what a wonderful time we had! We went onto  Lara’s university, now I will be able to see where she is in my minds eye when she tels me she has been in the studio or the workshop or the library, what great facilities at her uni, lucky students! A frantic shop in Kingston to find a suitably fabulous dress for our evenings outing to Bob Bob Ricard,image as recommended by Being Margaret’s marvellous blog. It was as sophisticated and elegant as I had hoped, reminding me of the most exquisite department store, Biba, which I frequented often in the 70s. The phrase department store doesn’t really do justice to Biba, it was more an experience as was Bob Bob Ricard. Being there makes you feel sophisticated and elegant, stepping back into an age of elegance and decadence, low, flattering lighting, dark mirrored walls make for wonderful surrounds. Delicious, delicious food but the best bit was the bell at the end of the table marked Press for Champagne, once pressed pink waistcoated waiters appeared from every direction! So of course we had to press it more than once! Since we had had to wait for our table, the previous occupants refusing to move, we were each treated to a glass of premium vodka! Super cold,easy drinking, so smooth and dangerous! Awns the photograph is not only the aforementioned button but also Victors oyster muddied martini! A very late and fun night!

Yesterday was such a lovely day spent in the company of my godmother who came up to London to see us, a girls lunch at Jeans, followed by a short walk around Brentford Lock to show Nancy something of where Jean lives. Onto dinner at Vicky and Richards with Lara and her godmother, Marie. Generations of godmothers, very special!


3 thoughts on “Simon, you are a star! And London continued!

  1. Well done to Simon – great to hear he’s doing all the hard work whilst you’re having all the good times!!! I know he has a treat in store for March break and much deserved too!

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