Great news!

I have been bursting to write this post but Simon wanted to tell his news to some special people himself rather than have them read it on the blog. On Thursday afternoon I went into Arrowsmith to have a talk with Jill and Matt prior to Simon joining us to discuss his Arrowsmith options for the next academic year. Whilst we were talking in Jill’s office there was a shout of “What!” From the classroom.  Cheering followed then a simagetampede and the office door burst open with Simon shouting “I mastered 4 handed clocks! “, he then disappeared as three of the tallest students surrounded him and gave him a group hug! It was so exciting to have been there when it happened and so good to see the excitement of all the students for Simon and his excitement and pride in his achievement. The other students appreciate what a big effort it has taken for Simon to achieve this mastery! Yeah, go Simon! We are so proud of you!

Simon has decided that he can survive another winter in Canada and so will have another year in Peterborough to gain as much as he can from the Arrowsmith programme here. He is very settled in the school, loves his teachers and many of the students are returning, it will be a great reunion after the summer break. I can’t quite believe we are thinking about 2015/2016 already!


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