Our Peterborough weekend

imageWe had fun on the slopes today at Devil’s Elbow! Simon zipped down the double diamond black run! He challenged me saying “see you at the bottom!” Just as Michael did all those years ago, though I didn’t have to wait as long for Simon as I did for Michael!

March break started with a fun day on Friday for the students at Arrowsmith culminating in an outdoor obstacle course through the snow, designed and built by the students in the West room. It looked like a lot of fun though I declined to try it! Simon and I went onto Friday night at Andrea’s but this time Simon didn’t disappear into the basement but joined us upstairs where Andrea and I enjoyed our usual glass of red and good conversation with the added bonus of Simon’s presence.

Saturday started with a dash to the Farmers Market, such a joy! Wonderful produce and a lovely atmosphere from which I returned with plenty of supplies for the week. Simon wasn’t with me as he was in the library where he is having some tutoring with one of the great academic teachers (who teach the academic programme rather than the cognitive exercises) at Arrowsmith. He has missed out on so much in his previous schooling as it concentrated on life skills but now he has the chance and the ability to work on different areas. After some discussion with Jess he has decided to study Ancient History and so far they have learnt about some aspects of ancient Egypt and Greece, using all the facilities available in the library. This week they had a small aside studying the Northern Lights since we are hoping to see them next week when we head to Churchill! Jess and Simon have also picked out a book for Simon to read each evening for 20 minutes, this is a huge step for Simon who has been afraid of reading for a very long time, since kindergarten when he was horribly bullied by his teacher. The cognitive changes due to his Arrowsmith exercises are helping him overcome his fears as well as improving his academic abilities and for that I am extremely grateful.


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