Peterborough days!

imageThe big thaw begins! No snow shoeing unfortunately! Too hard going through slush! We did get to the ice hockey to see the Petes play, our last chance for this season but  unfortunately they lost to Kingston by 6 goals to 2, outmanoeuvred and outclassed. One interesting thing about the junior Hockey League is that they let their drafted players go to their new teams so they can develop rather than keeping them for the end of the season and on that I blame the loss!

We have been busy moving Simon’s room from the second floor to the first floor as he would have had to move in few weeks when the students leave for the summer at the end of April. What a long summer they have! Simon is very happy to have moved as the second floor was quite noisy and not especially friendly and the first floor is where the other Arrowsmith students are based and the other friends he has made. Happy days!

We have mostly been sorting things out, the bank, the phone etc but for some light relief,  we took a couple of Simon’s friends out to lunch at the Ashburnham Ale House. A delicious meal but even more lovely was how thrilled they are that Simon is staying on for another year!


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