A short stop in Toronto.

Toronto called today, after a busy few days in Peterborough. Simon went to a pottery class last term with some Ausie friends and really enjoyed it so invited me to go when next they went, so off we went to the English Potter in Lakefield where I had to find my inner creativity! Not so easy when the last time I did anything pottery-wise was about 40 years ago! It was good fun and rather therapeutic, I shall post a photo of my Easter rabbit with hair like Simon when it has been glazed! We had lunch at the new pub in Lakefield, English must be the themeimage of the moment for it was very like an English local, despite the Canadian name, the Canoe and Paddle! The steak and mushroom pie was delicious! Onto the Lakefield furniture shop, not to buy furniture, beautiful as it was, but to see the dog in the shop! Such a gorgeous dog!

And now we find ourselves in Toronto! A short stop on our way to Winnipeg and then Churchill to see the Northern Lights. Arriving at lunchtime we found a Thai restaurant for a quick, tasty lunch, made our way to the Bata Shoe Museum to see the Native American shoes  the varieties of which depending upon the area of North America they came from I found fascinating but I don’t think Simon was nearly as interested as I was! Perhaps he will appreciate them more when he sees them when we go to an Inuit community in Churchill! I hope so! A pre-theatre dinner at Il Fornello and then onto see Robin Hood, a very English story!  Simon was worried he wouldn’t be able to follow it but he certainly did, laughing uproariously at the antics of Robin and his merry men. It was a Royal Shakespeare Company production and a great fun production it was. We would recommend seeing it!

Niagara Falls, frozen still we hope, tomorrow, but I fear the warm weather will have thawed them out! Niagara in the winter will still be very different from Niagara in the summer!


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