Back to Arrowsmith!

We were so busy during the days and nights in Churchill that it is only now I can catch up! I will tell you about the rest of our time tomorrow when I have the cheat sheet that Simon and I wrote as we were on the plane back from snowy Winnipeg! Simon has it and I can’t remember all the things we did, suffice to say it was amazing and we were extremely fortunate with our timing- tons of coronal mass ejections! More about that later!

Back to Peterborough where we hoped the weather would be warmer, which it is, relatively but then again most places are warmer than Churchill! We also hoped that spring would be sprung but no sign of spring as yet!

Back to Arrowsmith and more inspiring words from Matt! I can hardly believe there are only 12 more weeks to go! Where is this academic year going? It is going all too fast! As Gretchen Rubén writes the days are long,  the years are short! So true!

I enjoyed a lovely walk with the Parents Walking Group today, through crispy snow covered Jackson Park, with the creek bubbling along beside us. Onto Sam’s Deli for a much deserved pulled pork sandwich, half a sandwich as I shared with Stuart! I knew I was going out for dinner with Larry and Jennifer and Simon later! Brio Gusto was great, delicious! A first time there for all of us but iit won’t be the last as we all enjoyed our various dishes, from Napa Valley pizza to twice cooked crispy duck, French chickie and pork loin, accompanied by beautiful salads and roasted veggies!  Fortunately we started dinner early and so finished early as Simon’s brain was hurting after his first day back. He was pleased with his training for his next level of clocks, six hands! He is moving on with his cognitive exercises and that is reflected in his confidence and happiness as was evident on our trip away.image


2 thoughts on “Back to Arrowsmith!

  1. Fiona, your expedition to Churchill brings back memories of my life at sea,not that I ever visited Churchill. During the 1960,s and 70,s when Britain still had a merchant fleet, an unofficial grain race took place. Which shipping company could get the first ship to Churchill when the ice broke up. For several years it was won by a Tyneside shipping company R.S. Dalgleish & Co., my interest lay in the fact that the ship was named Warkworth. I continue to be fascinated by the adventures of Fiona and Simon,
    Brian Sample

    • Hi Brian, sorry for my tardy reply. I am so pleased you are still enjoying our adventures – we are too! I loved your story about Warkworth! I have been trying to find the name of the shipwreck we saw lying in the ice inHudsonBay – I thought you would be interested as it was used in a time of desperation as no other ships were available to ship grain from Hudson Bay in the 1980s. It was a ship which was built before World War I! The first trip was successful, the second not so! The engine and then the steering failed. The insurance company decided it was too expensive to fix or remove the ship, so they got as much grain out as they could and have left it thereto rot!

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