This time last week

I’ve been home over a week now so I thought a quick update is in order! As this blog is about Simon’s journey at Arrowsmith I am always a little reluctant to write about what I have been doing on my sojourns back to Sydney whilst I leave him in Peterborough, hence the gap since my last post.

Whilst I have been catching up with friends, enjoying cooking in my kitchen, going on long walks with one of my dearest friends from London and going out for dinner, challenging my body with yoga and generally having a nice time, Simon has been working away at his cognitive improvement exercises, with one mastery last week in word. Only one, said Simon. Any mastery is worth celebrating I think! And his time on 6 handed clocks is decreasing which means he is seeing the relationships between the hands more quickly, quicker processing and more complicated processing which makes life in general a whole lot easier. And he enjoyed being at his friends farm over the Easter weekend and spending the time with his family.

This time last week Michael and I were sitting on the deck of a yacht, he, imagehaving watched the moon set, called me up to watch the sun rise as the mist rolled over the hills. We sat silently not wanting to disturb our friends and the other yachts as we felt as if we were the only people in the world who were awake! In the midst of Sydney, not a house in sight, the beauty of Bantry Bay.


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