More wise words

wise words and Kyle!How many of us are that courageous? How often do we saddle up anyway? Not very often I suspect. I love these wise words from Mr Coppins as I think this is what our Arrowsmith students do every day – each morning they have to saddle up and face their learning difficulties in order to overcome them. It is hard to face the things that you know you aren’t good at and work at them day after day, it takes perseverance and courage. The great thing is that the perseverance and courage pay off’ and here is how it is paying off for Simon. Read the email from Matt below bearing in mind that until recently Simon was terrified about reading and had a real block about it, the mere mention of “having” to read sent him off into a spin (and it was Simon’s idea to make a sticker chart as he wanted something concrete to see how his reading was going).

As you know, Simon puts stickers on a calendar to track his daily reading. When Simon started tracking his reading I gave him a packet of 100 stickers. Last week he asked me for a new packet because he used them all!! He has been reading for over 100 days! I always tell the class that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but if you do something for 100 days it can change your life. He is doing very well, and let’s hope that reading becomes a core part of his life.

Well, I think these last 100 days will change Simon’s life – how exciting! What a wonderful moment in an otherwise pretty bleak week for the world. My thoughts are with the Nepalese people and the families of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

Another lovely moment was joining in the birthday celebrations of two of my very favourite people – you know who are and how I wished I could have been with you rather than on the computer screen via facetime. Still, I love the fact there is such a thing as facetime which still seems completely miraculous to me and I am grateful for the connection that it brings in a world where we are far apart.


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