Back to Peterborough!,

Here I am again! I arrived after a four and a half flight from Vancouver, arriving at 6.30 am! What was I thinking? BUT it was so good to see Simon striding down George Street towards me! He handed me a shopping bag within which was a bunch of flowers and a small begonia plant with pretty red flowers, with the words “for Mother’s Day”. Then we went down to the Electric City Bakery Company for a delicious brunch, eggs Benny for Simon and salmon with Rosti type potatoes for me. As I went to pay, Simon dashed past me “my treat, Mum!”. What a lovely surimageprise!

i walked with Simon to Arrowsmith this morning. It is much colder than this time last year, the fresh new bright green leaves have burst out from their buds, the green shimmering in the sparse sunlight, spring is hardly sprung! I am hoping that the irises will bloom before we leave in a couple of weeks. Our way along the towpath by the canal was blocked by a mother and father Canadian Geese and their family of nine goslings. Simon said the parent geese often bar the way, hissing at passers by! Fortunately this morning they decided to pop into the canal and swim away as we approached, only to  be scattered in all directions as a single sculler rowing through them only moments later!

I popped into see Jill. I was very happy to hear how happy she and Matt are with Simon and his progress both academically and socially! He has been working so hard and it shows! Back to the normal routine for this week, one last push at those cognitive exercises to maximise this years progress! Next week will be more relaxed and fun with the year end excursion to a Blue Jays game in Toronto  and the Graduation  and the Talent Show on Friday.


One thought on “Back to Peterborough!,

  1. Great to hear you have arrived safely and that Simon is in fine form. I’m sure the final outcome from this year will be amazing for him. Great progress!

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