Wildlife on the way to Arrowsmith!

imageNot only does Simon have to contend with defensive parent geese protecting their goslings but snapping turtles too! Actually, she was just off the path having crossed the road to find somewhere to lay her eggs! Such a treat to see al this wildlife on the way in the mornings! 

What a good few days. We went to The Keg for dinner with some of Simon’s classmates one night this week. The Landsdowne Shopping Mall, in which The Keg is situated, doesn’t have quite the same ambience of The Keg overlooking Niagara Falls but the food was equally as good. Great cheesy garlic bread to start with followed by a variety of steaks and ribs, all of which were delicious and perfectly cooked! A so called mini brownie was not mini at all, horrifyingly big in fact and caused us mums to regret ordering it!

Yesterday we joined Lynette, Zac and friends at our first ever lacrosse game, as spectators of course! Lacrosse is comsidered the National Game of Canada, silly me, I thought that was ice hockey!  It was strange to see the ice in the Peteborough Memorial Centre no longer present and a green pitch there instead! lacrosse is a fast and furious game, so fast sometimes that it is hard to follow the ball, but we enjoyed it nonetheless. I think it is almost as rough as ice hockey, with much belting of opposition players with sticks! I am happy to report that the Lakers won by 15 to 10, according to the helpful man sitting next to me, who gave me an informed running commentary, that is an unusually high score!

Happy weekend, everyone! Simon is out at Friday night, I am at Andrea’s but she is in Ottawa so no Friday night for me, hence time to update the blog! Sorry Richard!

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