And now we are in London!,

it is great to be here, catching up with our nearest and dearest, always wonderful wherever and whenever we have the opportunity, usually accompanied by good food and great wine, stories galore, much fun and laughter!

but first I have to tell you about our lovely time with Frank and Judy, who were the most amazing guides, showing us so much of their beautiful Nova Scotia. We arrived in Moncton, having traveled across the Confederation Bridge in a bus in the pouring rain, it was disappointing as the visibility was so poor! Still, we have gone across the longest bridge in Canada and we have seen it from the land which was such an impressive sight!

a long journey back to Wolfville, via Sackville and a great lunch at Joe’s, where Frank and Judy live, WolfVille that is, not Joe’s! This was the start of our Nova Scotia adventure, it is a beautiful university town with some grand Maritime houses. The next morning we set off for Lunenberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Town, a whole town with such a status, and also famous as the home of the Bluenose II. See if you can spot Frank In the photo of us aboard the Bluenose II! We stopped at  a very lovely town Mahone Bay for lunch and also to go to Amos Pewter, it was fascinating to see how pewter is made, poured into rubber moulds, but if it doesn’t come out properly, the pewter is just melted once again and re used. Then into a quilt shop, such lovely quilts!

Onto Lunenberg, Judy giving us our first impression from the golf course opposite where you Get a great view of the town and the beautiful brightly coloured wooden houses for which it is so famous. Into Lunenberg we went down to the Harbourside and took a horse drawn carriage tour around the town, with a very droll guide. Some of the houses dated back to the 1700s and there were stories of rum, Prohibition and fishermen, ghosts and cod. Back to our B and B, Atlantic Sojournimage, where our every need was met and it was warm, comfortable and homely. Back into town to see the Bluenose II which had sailed into view whilst we were on our tour, a splendid sight. It was so interesting to go on board and talk with the crew, see where they have to climb up to lather the mast with grease to help ease the ropes that haul up the sails, these young sailors were literally learning the ropes! We had dinner at the Rum Runner, recently re-opened and a very yummy new menu.

After a tasty breakfast at the Atlantic Sojourn and a chat with the owners, Sebelle and Susan, we went to  the Fisheries Museum. The history of cod fishing was well explained, it played such a large part in that part of the world, with many men lost for the sake of salted cod, a stable food in times gone by so much so that fishing went on through treacherous storms. The men often hanging on for dear life by one short rope if they fell overboard into the icy seas. We went onto a sloop which was still being used, with the small dories in which the men fished, until 1963, so recent!

Onto Annapolis, a different Maritime smaller town, beautiful houses and a very beautiful Historic Garden which we wandered through after a delicious breakfast at our next B and B, The Bread and Roses Inn. The rain was torrential the previous night so we didn’t see as much we might have but what we saw was, once again, so lovely.  back then to Wolfville and we went to Grand Pre to learn about the Acadian people and their forced expulsion from their land in the 1600s by the English, a terrible story of 10,000 people who suffered so much, immortalised in the story of Evangeline.  It was very movingly done, with stories from the viewpoints of children and a “film” of the event. It made the suffering of refugees worldwide which continues to this day so vivid, we were all very moved. Once again, Simon said, as he did at the Museum of Human Rights, everyone should see this and I agree.

Frank was really keen to show us the highest tide in the world at Halls Harbour, a wonder of the natural world and amazing to see the heights of the boats in the harbour before and after our lobster dinner, and what a delicious dinner it was!

Then back to Moncton in the morning, having seen so much of Nova Scotia in such a short time thanks to Judy and Frank. We enjoyed it all! And there is still so much to see so we will have to go back another time!

and now, here we are in London! More of that later!


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