Fitou, Carcassone and more!

A brief sojourn in London, a fabulous dinner with a great combination of family and friends on a glorious summer evening in a beautiful garden and then we were off again. A very early start to Stansted and the glories of Ryanair, which, as it turned out, was not as bad an experience as expected! I slept from the moment I sat down until we landed, refreshed and ready for driving in France!

Pat had give us perfect instructions to their house in Fitou. In no time at all we were sitting on the terrace drinking champagne and talking and talking! A dip in the pool and off to a beach bar for an aperitif followed by a beautiful dinner at home. There are so many interesting places around Fitou, we are spoilt for choice in terms of excursions! We started the next day with a visit to Carcassone, it is a fairytale place, a complete medieval village with tiny winding streets, full of cafes and restaurants, touristy shops intermingled with beautiful patisseries, the cakes dsiplayed like jewels, galleries and miss-able museums according to Stanton’s guidebook, we missed them so we will never know! We wandered through those little streets and I tried to imagine how it must have been in the times of knights and serfs but it was impossible to look backwards with all the trappings of modern life aimagell around. A brief respite and swim and then onto dinner at another beach, the restaurant was right on the beach, built at the start of each summer and disassembled at the seasons end. It is hard to believe that it would be blown over during the winter at this time of year. A quirky place by way of decoration with fabulous food and great service but I can’t remember the name. Perhaps Michael will when he wakes up!

Now we two are in Collioure, a beautiful seaside town full of galleries, the home of many an artist over the years, particularly Marisse and Derain. I have wandered about whilst Michael was sleeping and am excited to go to the museum tomorrow. We made our way from Castello d’Empuries this morning where we stayed last night, at a very elegant hotel, Hotel de la Moneda, a converted convent, high ceilings, beautiful rooms, a lovely terrace with a small pool, great service and the best breakfast! We went to the Theatre Museu Dali yesterday evening, a surreal experience! Some extraordinary, bizarre art, challenging and interesting and now I need to understand what was going in Dali’s mind when he created those pieces. And how prolific he was, so much in so many mediums (?media). His jewellery was fabulous, if somewhat bizarre (again) but strangely beautiful.

Off to explore Collioure more but perhaps we will have to forgo our Michelin star dinner! I don’t think Michael fancies eating at the moment. Oh, I missed our going to Narbonne market with Stanton and Pat yesterday morning, a great indoor market with a treat for lunch, wooden platters with white ham, prosciutto and local cheeses accompanied by the local rose! Such fun! Felling very spilt and very fat! Oh well, plenty of time to diet later!


2 thoughts on “Fitou, Carcassone and more!

  1. Wow! Sounds like a eat fest… Yummo! Lots of love to Stanton and Pat from Sal and I, Sal’s first comment was that they are looking so young…. Enjoy, Greg

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