Switzerland, so lovely!

Swiss days, filled with sunshine, picnics in flower filled meadows, long walks on the mountains to the sound of cow bells, wandering through the cobbled streets of the old town of Sion, dinners on the balcony seeing the mountains changing colour as the sun sets. Some culture for us too as we went to the four museums in Sion, an art museum where the old building was as interesting as the art, a nature museum which was more a taxidermy museum filled with stuffed animals native to the area, the prison museum which must have been a very grim place in its day, and finally the history museum showing the history of the Valais from prehistoric times to the present time, housed in part of Chateau Valere, the fortified church which dominates the skyline in Sion together with Chateau Tourbolline. Onto the lake for a much needed swim after all those museums! image
Yesterday we left Michael to work whilst we went to the largest underground lake in Europe, discovered in the hills just beyond Sion, in 1939. Even as we walked down the steps to the entrance the temperature plummeted, within the cave it is only 15C. We sat in a long rowing boat, gliding in through the still clear water. It was other worldly, especially when the guide asked us to listen to the silence and it was absolutely silent, so unusual in our usually hectic noisy world. Onto Crans Montana, a very pretty drive and potentially scary if we had gone up all the tiny steep roads that Google wanted to take us up! Crans Montana was rather more elegant than Nendaz, fancy shops, fancy restaurants and some lovely lakes. A quick wine tasting.

Dinner with friends, more long walks and lots of fun! Looking forward to racketeering tonight, our last night. It has gone all too quickly! This morning we are sitting at the restaurant in Tracouet, so strange to see the lake, the place where the ski school meets, the ski lifts still and only us here, drinking hot chocolate as the sun has gone away, the wind is fierce and it is chilly!


3 thoughts on “Switzerland, so lovely!

  1. Lovely and cosy down in the apartment. Drinking tea and coffee and watching the foul weather heading your way.

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