We’re in Singapore now!

This is a quick update and later I will post about our most recent adventures, celebrating Simon’s 21st birthday in Bangkok and then on the Orient Express – how lucky are we! In the meantime …..

Our time in Nendaz went all too quickly, our final day starting at Tracouet as I wrote last time. The weather improved and we went for a beautiful walk around the front oimagef the mountain, working up an appetite for the racketeering we cooked for our last supper. Such a simple combination of melted cheese and special racketeering potatoes, but oh so delicious! Accompanied by much wine!
We detoured to Geneva via the Cailler chocolate factory, tucked away in a small valley, surrounded by a typically Swiss landscape of rolling hills, green fields and a lovely lake. the factory tour took us through dioramas illustrating the history of chocolate, the development of chocolate production in Switzerland, the building of the Cailler factory in the last 1800s, the merger with Nestle which allowed them to survive the depression of the 1930s, onto how the products are sourced, how they are tested (daily!), finally we tasted a range of products, enough to make us all feel a little queasy but that didn’t stop us buying chocolates to take home with us!
After our flight home Sunday night was quite a subdued night, enjoying a summers night in London in the courtyard garden at the local pub up the road.
Monday was spent in the company of old friends for morning tea and lunch, Fischers in Marylebone High Street was a very quirky restaurant with the Weiner Schnitzels living up to their recommendation.
Back to Vicky and Richard’s for a party for Simon, another celebration! Vicky had organised a magician as a surprise, we all watched in wonder as he performed his magic! Magic it was, making lemons and limes appear under small cups, and mind reading the cards we had picked from the pack! We tried hard in such an intimate space to see how the tricks were done, but the magic is that we couldn’t work it out! He then taught Simon an amazing card trick which Simon performed with great flourish, three times! A new trick for next year’s talent show at Arrowsmith! We had such a fun night, a special night I think everyone would agree. Many thanks to Vicky for starting the festivities for Simon!
Another re-packing of our numerous suitcases and we headed for the airport, onto the next stop of our adventure – Bangkok!
And here we are in the Mandarin Oriental hotel, a very lovely hotel, overlooking the River of the Kings. A quick swim and we headed out for lunch and have already been to the tailors to get shirts and trousers made for Michael and Simon! A busy day yesterday, a boat trip on the river through the canals, onto the Chinese market, an authentic market where Emma went ballistic, according to Michael! Dinner at the Flying Chicken restaurant, a very funny experience where our chickens were caught by a waiter on a unicycle wearing a helmet with a pike! And when the unicycles weren’t in action some of the staff were singing karaoke! The highlight though was standing on the 64th floor in the Sky Bar overlooking Bangkok at midnight, as suggested by Simon, to welcome in Simon’s 21st birthday! Fabulous!
And now we are setting off for the next part of our adventure but there is no wifi so see you when we get to Singapore!


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