Peterborough here we are!

After our long flight we arrived in Peterborough on Saturday night, welcomed by Andrea with the tastiest omelette, a glass of wine, a cup of tea and a long chat, followed by a long sleep. Truly the most hospitable and generous of friends, thank you! It is good to back somewhere familiar and comfortable, so different to when we arrived two years ago with everything new which was quite a challenge for us both.

On Sunday Simon moved back into Argyle, greeted by friends from last year and settled in really quickly. We finished the day with dinner in the canteen to which parents were invited. Simon thinks it will probably be the best meal of the year, roast beef, potatoes and carrots, followed by cherry crumble! Today is Labor Day here in Canada, no shops are open and the buses don’t run. Simon caught up with a  couple of friends and we all went for lunch at the Paddle and Canoe in Lakefield, a pub celebrating English food, with burgers called The Tower of London and the like! It was a huge and spectacular burger but Kyle made short work of it! It was good to see Simon and his mates chatting as if they hadn’t had a ten week break and all being keen to get back to Arrowsmith once again, despite the demands the programme makes upon them and the brain aches that it causes. That, however, is a sign that the cognitive exercises are doing their job and getting the neurones to grow and connect together, resulting in the great progress we have seen not only in Simon but in imageall the Arrowsmith students.

Here is Simon in his comfy chair behind which is the wall he has covered with pictures from his Harry Potter calendar!


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