London bound!

My time in Peterborough has gone so quickly. I have really enjoyed seeing old friends, back again for another year at Arrowsmith, and meeting the new parents. Like us in our first year, the first questions are all about Arrowsmith “When might we see some changes? How is your son/daughter going in the programme?”. Not surprising give the commitment and sacrifices we have made, some coming from half way around the world, others with families split in two, leaving their husbands or wives and some of their children to be here, still others moving within Canada, changing jobs and schools, having to start afresh to allow their child to participate in the Arrowsmith programme. Hopefully we, old parents, have reassured the new parents, just as we were reassured when we had moments wondering what we were doing and why!

Simon and I had a lovely weekend, he going to Friday night, me going for a long walk. On Saturday we set off to the West Wind Inn in Buckhorn on Buckhorn Lake, such a beautiful spot. The torrential rain stopped us from making the most of the resort facilities but we had a swim in the indoor pool and then sat in the hot tub on the deck overlooking the lake! Heavenly!

Over dinner we played Harry Potter trivial pursuit. Inevitably Simon thrashed me! His depth of knowledge from listening to the CDs, as read by Stephen Fry, is enormous. I think that speaks to how much improvement there has been in his auditory processing and his memory for information. I was very impressed and it was fun too!

On Sunday we made the most of the sunny day, going out on the lake in a pedalo, swimming and hot tub again! After that we went on the Apsley Studio tour, the studios were a long way apart so after a fascinating glass blowing demonstration we headed back to Peterborough, via a tasty lunch at Uncle Georges restaurant, a hidden gem on the road from Buckhorn! image I have seen glass blowing before, many years ago in Malta, but I don’t think I was paying attention. I had no idea that making a glass was such a complex operation and whilst it was made to look easy, I am sure that many years of practice have gone into making it look easy!

Happy Canadian thanksgiving and Happy Halloween to all my lovely Peterborough friends, I will see you in November. To all my London family and friends I am so excited to be on my way! and all my Sydney peeps, I miss you!


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