What can I say about Paris that hasn’t already been said? It is the City of Lights, such a beautiful city, a photogenic scene on every corner, in every market, in every street, at least all those I have walked, wandered or meandered down. There has been a pattern to our days, writing course in the mornings, a quick lunch, then either wandering followed by home writing, as Patti, our teacher, calls the homework she sets us, or the other way around, home writing and then wandering, exploring, seeing the sights of Paris. Some dinners out, some dinners in the garrett I call home for the moment. Literary moments, drinks at the Lilas de Closerie as frequented by Hemingway and friends, finding Shakespeare and Co, the most beautiful bookshop I have ever been in, dinner with John Baxter, an Australian writer living here for years, a collector of first editions and teller of tales, a bon vivant and wonderful raconteur. Dinner with my classmates is calling, I will write more another day! So strange to be back at school so wonderful to be here in Paris! And now I know how Simon feels, at least to a little extent, as my brain is stretched and challenged every day, both in class and as I find myself lost in Paris!


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