Back in Peterborough!

imageNew haircut! Delicious dinner at the Food Forest and a great day out with Lynette after coffee with some lovely Arrowsmith mums, but the highlight of my day was Mrs Gunning, Simon’s academic teacher, telling me what a great student Simon is! He joined the academic class at the start of this year, for the past two years he has had to concentrate on cognitive improvement exercises but has improved enough to have time to work on his academics too. She said he always comes into class with a smile on his face, sits down and gets on with his work quietly and efficiently. They have been working together to find the right level of English exercises, reading and comprehension, as he is complaining they have been too easy! He is currently working on Ontario grade 10 exercises, considered a good level of literacy here. He has made such amazing progress in the last two years! We are very proud of you Simon.


3 thoughts on “Back in Peterborough!

    • It is hard to answer since he wasn’t reading much at all and certainly not by choice or asking for more challenging reading! But on his first assessment he was at grade 3 so that is a big change!

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